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This site is protecting the personal information concerning a visitor's privacy.
Careful attention is paid and it tackles. 

At this site, although there is a case where you offer personal information by a visitor's own judgment, I make the information into necessary minimum information, and it respects a visitor's judgment about offer of other information. 

Be related with acquisition of personal information. 

at this site, you use this site for a visitor -- obtaining -- it may hit and may obtain necessary minimum personal information. 

Be related with the use purpose. 

A visitor will restrict and use the personal information offered from the visitor within the limits of service of the this site to be used.

Be related with management and a protector system. 

This site manages the personal information offered from the visitor by a suitable method, and it takes a rational measure so that loss, disclosure, etc. of a visitor's personal information may not occur. 

Be related with offer and presentation. 

Except for the case of a statute where it sets, etc., without prior comprehension of Mr. person himself/herself, offer the personal information which this site offered from the visitor on the homepage, and it is not shown at a third party. 

About a visitor's consent 

In using a visitor in this site, this site considers that it is obtained by consent in the idea over handling of the personal information on this site. 

Moreover, use of this site shall be performed in a visitor's responsibility.

Please understand that the contents indicated here may be revised without a preliminary announcement from now on.