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Terms of Service "Hello Chat - Let's look for friends -"
(Hereinafter referred to as "the Service".) On when using your,
It is intended to determine the terms and conditions for the services provided.
Also, by that you can send using this service,
If you are available to our services (hereinafter referred to as the "user".) Is
It is assumed that you have accepted the terms of use.

Article 1 (Overview)
This service will provide a variety of Internet information services.
I do not occur charges regarding your use of this service.
However with respect to sponsor site as stipulated in Article 3 is not within its scope.
Use of sponsor site from this service
It is assumed to be performed under the responsibility of the user,
Please be sure to confirm the terms and conditions of the applicable sponsor site.
The various disputes that have occurred in the use of other sponsors site,
This service is assumed to be not concerned at all on the issue.
Since this server has been installed in the United States, California
I have been made a management doctrine in American Law.

Article 2 (user)
This service is becoming free,
Communication charges and various packet communication fee shall be borne by the user.
This service is the use of minors,
And it does not allow the use of the purpose contrary to public policy.

Article 3 (sponsor site)
The sponsor site, is a site that provides advertising to this service,
The Company has been operated by another company.
We, for the services of the sponsor site, no warranty whatsoever.
This service is operated by advertising revenue from the sponsor site.
Therefore, we have posted the ad.
You shall be made the responsibility of the user for use of sponsor site.

Article 4 (prohibition)
Upon use of this service, copyright of a third party,
I is prohibited, such as a violation of the rights of such right of publicity.
In this service
Based on the "Law on Regulation of act to attract children by using the Internet Dating business",
For profile contrary to public policy (and contact details), also profile that may conflict with the same Article 5 (and contact details),
You might want to automatically deleted regardless of content.
Upon use of this service, you can prohibit the use of obscene image contrary to public policy.

Article 5 (public profile (and the handling and use of information of contact))
Profile content and terminal information registered will be uploaded to this service server.
Uploaded information will never be used for purposes other than those services.
Which corresponds to the deletion of the profile (and contact details)
- Those that contain the contents of the criminal act
· Slander what slander is included
· What personal information is included
· HP publicity, shall include commercial advertising
-Isomer and of the encounters and dating intended to include content for the purpose
· Excessively violent representation, explicit sexual expression, race, nationality, creed, gender, social status, representation that leads to discrimination by family origin, etc., suicide, self-harm, attract or encourage to express drug abuse, the expression offensive to others include other anti-social content, post or act to be sent.
And sales, publicity, advertising, solicitation, (except those of our observed.) The act for the purpose of other profit, purpose act, the encounters and dating of the acquaintance no isomers for the purpose of sexual intercourse and indecent acts and to act, act for the purpose of harassment and slander against the other customers, other This service is the act of using this service for a different purpose and purpose that you plan.
· Payoffs other cooperation act against anti-social forces.
And religious activities or solicitation to religious groups.
• The Company or any third party copyright, trademark, intellectual property rights, such as patent rights, honor rights, privacy rights, the act of violation of the rights of on on the other law or contract.
· Fear of certain acts detrimental to public order or morality.
Business is inappropriate, when it is determined that the unknown mean
※ Delete without notice posts corresponding to the above, the use of this service as unauthorized user ban

Article 6 (For use of the terminal information)
• This service makes use of the "Identifier For Vendor" information, which is terminal-specific information. No be used for purposes other than those services.
• This service I will use the location information of the user terminal. No be used for purposes other than those services.

Article 7 (Change of Terms of Service)
This service is assumed to be able to change the Terms of Use at any time.
This service is assumed to the contents of the service can be a user of the note change without.